Davin's Devices

Meet Darryl:

Darryl has a degree in computer science and eats taco bell unless someone specifically tells him not to, we have a problem with that in our department since it causes massive diarreah and cloggs the pipes at our office.

Meet Shelia:

Shelia has a P.H.D in a field that is too obsure to describe here. She does the encryption wizardry and is a delight to be around. Her perfume is super strong though, so that lightheaded feeling might not be what we think.

Meet Alfonzo:

Alfonzo is completely useless, but he's a part of the company because he brings us snacks, so it all works out. Our favorite food that he brings is jalepeƱo rice dumplings that he makes from scratch, they're delicious!

Meet Davin:

Davin is our leader, and he's the one who actually gets us to do stuff. Of all the members, he is the only one who knows what he's doing. He owns the bubble machine that Alfonzo once set up in the office and made everything sticky with.





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